Uranium, Lithium, Nickel, & More: 2023 Outlook | Ore Day 2023

The Ore Group presents to you Zoltan Pozsar, Justin Huhn, Lobo Tiggre, Robbert Sinn, Mathias Maurer, and Koby Kushner. Those commodity experts join Ore Day 2023 to give their outlook on the uranium, lithium, nickel, cobalt, copper, and gold markets in 2023.

What is Ore Day?

Ore Day 2023 is your chance to receive updates about the latest challenges and opportunities facing the metals & mining sectors from top leaders in the industry.

In addition, The Ore Group produces Ore Day as an effort to stand out in the crowd of over 2,400 listed junior mining companies. We are here to communicate the messages of our 6 exploration companies targetting the uranium, nickel, copper, and gold markets, as well as update current shareholders on the status of our exploration programs.

Why commodities in 2023? It’s simple.

Zoltan Pozsar told The Ore Group that broken commodity supply chains – among all those commodities mentioned above – in combination with a “golden age” for commodity demand are the building blocks of a commodity super cycle.

If you add to that the underinvestment that the exploration and mining sectors have witnessed over the last decade, Zoltan just might be right.

We are seeing a commodity supercycle in “embryonic form”, which is going to grow “very fast”, Mr. Pozsar told us.

Why does the Ore Group focus on uranium, nickel, copper, and gold exploration? Again, it’s simple.

No uranium? No clean, on-demand, baselode energy 24/7.

No lithium, nickel, cobalt, graphite, and other battery metals? No energy storage for the clean energy produced by the uranium. No power tools. No electrical vehicles. No advanced medical equipment.

No copper? No power lines and cables to transport the energy.

No gold? No freedom.

Join us on Ore Day 2023 to learn more about what The Ore Group does to help the world find those valuable metals, as well as attempt to enrich shareholders along the way.

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