Market Liquidity Services

Efficient trading provides a lower cost of capital for issuers. Our clients rely on our dedicated traders to provide effective liquidity services, an essential function for all publicly traded companies.


Leaders of successful publicly traded companies understand the criteria needed to attract investors and gain support, interest and buying. We assist companies navigating the public markets to ensure a fair, tight, and liquid market is maintained at all times.

Issuer Trading Services

Red Cloud’s trading team was built to stimulate efficient trading through active and calculated market participation. Acting as a liquidity provider, Red Cloud trades the shares of issuer clients with the objective of increasing market liquidity.

What we do

  • Facilitate a liquid market by reducing the bid-ask spread
  • Increase daily volume
  • Improve trust and transparency
  • Contribute to market liquidity and depth
  • Maintain activity in the market


At Red Cloud we believe our clients are best served by a team laser-focused on the specifics of the market we know best – mining. 

Bespoke Service

The model has always been designed to offer the highest level of customer service, offering solutions and recognizing pitfalls before they happen.  Our experienced trading group offers a bespoke liquidity strategy that is tailored to each individual issuer. 

Our Approach

Our traders interact with management and buy side accounts to consistently work toward achieving each issuer’s short-and long-term goals, while offering these services at competitive prices.

Fact Sheet

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Adam Smith
Adam Smith
Managing Director, Issue Designed Market Making
Brad Lowry
Brad Lowry
Senior Trader
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Agnelo Pereira
Trade Support
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Pradeep Premachandran